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Sustainable transportation at your fingertips

Revolutionizing urban mobility with electric powered rickshaws & one mission: reduce traffic, carbon emissions and daily commute cost.

Atlanta residents average 4 trips daily
Daily commuting employees
Of all trips in ATL under 3 miles daily
How it works

Our simple, yet efficient transportation service


1. Create a free account at Drop today

Go to or download the Drop app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create a free account.

2. Schedule or Request a Drop

If located within a serviceable community request a Drop for immediate pickup or use the scheduling tool to book a future trip.

3. Ride for $1 a minute + initiation fee

Drop accounts are free, but if you want to reduce the cost of your trip, Drop encourages users to subscribe to waive the initiation fee ($2.79).

Learn why Drop is great for your business

Fast Deliveries - Deliver X Webflow Template

Faster commutes

Drop’s algorithms use the best possible routes via bike lanes to reduce commute times.

Certified Riders - Deliver X Webflow Template

Certified Droppers

Drop‘s driver safety training & daily maintenance checks, creates a stress free ride.

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Instant payout

Drop provides its drivers instant daily payouts.

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Low commute fees

Drop reduces the cost for short distance travel by 25%, saving it riders where it matters most.

A greener commute is one tap away!

Drop allows you to be a part of the changes you look to see in your community one trip at a time!

Our Features

Learn why Drop is great for all commuters!

Understanding our customer’s needs & wants are paramount to providing the best customer service experience and we have listened.

Comfortable ride

Drop is customer focused with the riding experience in our e-rickshaws at the top of our list.

Onboard safety

Every Drop is equipped with state of the art safety features like dash & cabin cameras.

Special discounts

Drop subscription users receive weekly promotions from Drop partners for exclusive events.

Convenient commute

Drop allows users the choice of downloading our app or simply calling to request a ride.

ADA compatible

Each Drop is suitable for one ADA compliant wheelchair to provide our service to all.

and much more!

Drop has too many features to list. Sign-up request a ride and experience it for yourself!

Hassle-free parking

In partnership with Parkable, Drop is excited to provide a seamless parking experience regardless of your final destination. Download the Drop app to learn more.

Secured street parking

Drop’s is set to reduce the stress that comes with ubran street parking. Download the Drop app to learn more.

Dedicated event parking

Drop has partnered with multipe parking companies to provide the best event parking available.

Drop’s convenience & easy of use makes for a great experience.

Drop’s chauffeur driven rickshaws are pioneering urban mobility.

Request or schedule a ride from app

Drops are available ASAP or scheduled out for future trips.

Delivery Tracking - Deliver X Webflow Template

Vehicle tracking

Whether riding yourself or setting up a trip for a friend, track your trip via the Drop app.

Start riding in style today!