About Drop

Bridging transportation inequalities for thriving communities.

We believe transportation should never be a barrier to success and wellbeing. We are a trusted transportation company committed to providing last mile transportation services to communities that inherently experience transportation inequalities.

About us

Our company started back in 2021

With an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, Drop is bridging the gap and empowering communities to thrive. Transportation inequalities can have a profound impact on the quality of life for individuals and communities. Limited access to reliable transportation can restrict opportunities, hinder socio-economic growth, and perpetuate social disparities. Recognizing these challenges, we have set out to create a solution that ensures equitable access to transportation for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to disrupt the transportation industry!

Our Commitment

It has been a long but incredible journey

At Drop, we are committed to connect, empower, and uplift communities by providing reliable, convenient, and affordable last mile transportation services. Here's how we envision creating a positive change in communities experiencing transportation inequalities.

Reliable and efficient service:

We prioritize punctuality and dependability, ensuring that our fleet of Drops operates efficiently and reliably. By doing so, we contribute to reducing the stress and uncertainty that unreliable transportation can bring.

Affordable pricing:

We understand that transportation costs can impose a significant burden on individuals and families already struggling to make ends meet. By offering competitive and affordable pricing, we make our services accessible to all members of the community..

Accessibility for all:

Drop is committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We invest in the necessary infrastructure, technology, and training to accommodate the diverse needs of our riders, promoting inclusivity and equal access for all.

Community engagement and empowerment:

We firmly believe that sustainable change can only be achieved through community engagement and empowerment. To this end, we actively seek input from community members, listen to their needs, and involve them in the decision-making processes. By doing so, we ensure that our services are tailored to the unique requirements of each community.

Our Partners

We don’t drip alone, Drop works thanks to our partners


AI Institute for Advances in Optimization

AI4OPT’s mission is to develop breakthrough research and educational programs in the fields of AI and mathematical optimization.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech's mission is to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.

Metro Atlanta Chamber

Metro Atlanta Chamber, works to unleash Atlanta’s ambition while advocating for policies and partnerships that ensure all the people of our entire region rise together.

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